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Nightclub «MONACO» - the perfect place for a romantic dinner with a loved, birthday, corporate parties and just active and positive stay!

Total capacity: 300 people.

Interior careful attention to detail. Each element of the architecture and decor helps create special style of Monaco. A good balance between the atmosphere of an expensive restaurant and trendy nightclub.

Branded cuisine of different countries.

A bar with elite alcohol, classic and original cocktails.

Large dance area in the center of the room.

12 kW of professional sound.

111 lighting fixtures.

Exclusive show program with participation of stars of Russian and international celebrities.

Nightclub «MONACO» - your holiday must be beautiful!


Adress: prospect Ulyanovsky, 17a


Work time:

Friday - from 17:00 till 5:00

Saturday - from 17:00 till 5:00